Meth whores

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Grumpy M F

You no it pretty bad the law enforcement arrest people for meth get there name in the paper for making an arrest they go to jail they let them out on probation or rehab they start calling all there friend an do it again don’t worry about there kids when there probation officers come to your house an ask for them an you say they don’t live here. So they put a warrant out for them an arrest the an Do not drug test them what the fk I s going on in McKee Ky are the probation officers FK these little bitches

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Swiss Miss

So articulate.

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Red Ryder

Yep. Too many toothless women around here,, of course that could be a plus in some circumstances.

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Meth whores are all over southeast Kentucky not just Mckee.

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Half Gram, Is a meth whores most favorite words. But an 8ball is a meth whores favorite game. Put them two things together she will love you long time.

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